AIG LABORATORIES | Via dell’ Unione, 2 Milano
27th October 2019 | 11:30 am – 12:15 am | 15:30 am – 16:15 pm (after registering at the email address kindly attaching an ID)

We hear a lot about synthetic diamonds, but not everyone knows exactly what their characteristics are and why, nowadays, it has become essential to be able to distinguish them from natural ones. To the participants of the workshop, AIG Milan will explain how a synthetic diamond is born, what impact they are having on the market and the consequences for investors. Participants will also have the opportunity to understand directly, thanks to the latest-generation technologies present in the laboratory, how AIG Milan’s gemologists are able to distinguish a natural diamond from a synthetic one.


AIG Milan is the new Italian branch of the worldwide group of Independent International Gemological Laboratories, specialized in identifying diamonds, gemstones and jewels. Using the most sophisticated technological equipment, the AIG Milan follows the highest standards. The certifications coming from the AIG Milan protect all the professional categories operating within the goldsmith sector and private clients.