MILANO JEWELRY WEEK 15 | 20 October 2024
The Milanese Week that celebrates the history, tradition and innovation of the fascinating world of international jewellery.

Milano Jewelry Week creates moments of exchange and interaction, captivating trade operators and attracting the whole public of passionate thanks to a calendar full of events: exhibitions, presentations, workshops, talks, awards, live performances and vernissage.

A widespread event that develops in Milano center within exclusive and evocative locations in the city: historic buildings, high jewelry ateliers, goldsmith workshops, academies, art galleries, fashion boutiques and design showroom.




“Artistar Jewels brought together 600 unique jewels from artists with different cultural backgrounds and missions into a single cohesive whole, showing that diversity and inspiration from different cultures can work together to create harmony. The jewelry is therefore not only beautiful in itself but also creates a harmonious relationship with each other and with the viewer. This exhibition is a true artistic experience for all those who have been part of it.”

Györgyi Mátyók, Founder and Managing Director Frangipani Studio & Gallery

“I am very impressed by the creative quality of the artists present at Milan Jewelry Week in October 2023. It was a beautiful global representation of different jewellery styles and the strength of the jewellery market and industry in the world today. Some beautiful encounters, some passion, some pure art with a lot of love. Thank you all so much for this wonderful experience during this edition of Milano Jewelry Week.

Muriel Piaser, Ceo & Founder PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser

“The Association for Contemporary Jewellery enjoyed celebrating the work of contemporary jewellers, with a global outlook. It was a positive experience for us all and we appreciated having regular updates, as well as images and footage from the week. We’d be keen to work with the team again for future iterations of MJW. Congratulations and thank you to everyone working on the event!”

ACJ , The Association for Contemporary Jewellery

“I attended Milano Jewelry Week in October 2023 and I am very pleased with the whole event! It was professionally executed, and I was proud to be part of it. I got in touch with the organizers just before the last application date and was met with enthusiasm and felt very welcome. I warmly recommend Prodes Italia and attending Milano Jewelry Week!.”

Lamia Saab Design

“It was absolutely marvelous experience to participate in Milano Jewelry Week 2023. The organization and attitude of the organizers are amazing!  I was deeply inspired by other artists and brands so it helped me to gain confidence and energy for creating my own. I met so many beautiful people from around the world and had a chance to talk to them and learn.”

Anastasiia Slanko

“For me it was a great experience, which inspired me for my creative work. I will thank Prodes Italia, for a professional and very pleasant communication all the way up to the exhibition . I went home with the beautiful book, and will happily look in it, and be inspired by all the jewellery from all over the world. Once again, thank you for nice days in Milano.”

Berit Kowalski

“This year’s Milano Jewelry Week allowed selected foreign dealers to get to know our Italian reality in one-to-one contacts. The organisation of the event, the importance of the location – a 12-storey DS in the centre of Milan – and the prestigious offer of internationally renowned brands were an important combination to liven up the city and offer business opportunities for both. Well done! “

Francesca Ventura, The Brian & Barry Building

“Milano Jewelry Week is an exciting event, full of talent and with a truly international scope. Whether for exhibiting or visiting, whether for insiders or the curious and passionate, its events are always worth a visit.”

Carlo Lucidi , Founder and Managing Director Galleria Carlo Lucidi

“For us the MJW was a wonderful first experience. The location was amazing as all of Prodes Italia Team Definitely an experience to repeat! Thank you all for your kindness.”

Adami Gioielli

“Thank you, it was a wonderful experience, very educational and stimulating, perfect from every point of view, in which nothing was overlooked, not even the smallest detail, neither from an organisational point of view, nor with regard to content, and above all you were always kind and ready to respond to our needs with an unchanged smile and courtesy, despite the many people involved and the numerous initiatives. It was a unique opportunity to compare and grow, to meet professionals from the most diverse backgrounds, and this really helps to improve and work better. I wanted to tell you that I have already sold one of the two pairs of earrings on display at Palazzo Bovara to an unsuspecting buyer, and it was very nice to be able to tell him that he was buying one of the pieces of jewellery selected for Milan Jewelry Week etc. I wasn’t very happy with the pieces I had been asked to display, I would have preferred to bring a different jewel, but the fact that the first day I displayed them they were immediately sold, confirms that ythe curators choice was the right one. Thank you again, I hope to participate in future editions.”

Studio d'arte tessile

“During Milano Jewelry Week, I saw great interest in my product and the vintage market. A type of sector that also sees a lot of engagement from foreign buyers. I achieved a very good result in terms of sales and met many B2B and B2C contacts. In addition, I welcomed both my customers and new potential customers living close by to my place. I therefore consider it an interesting form of advertising, which will probably also bear interest throughout the year. As a representative of A.N.T.I.C.O. having participated in the awards ceremony was able to give our association visibility, and I was able to proselytise and make our strengths known to fellow exhibitors over the following days of event. The involvement of schools was also excellent, with lots of interest from students.”

Daniele Oldani, Retailer manager for A.N.T.I.C.O. - CEO of Adamas Jewelry

“First and foremost, I would like to express my deep gratitude for your warm words and detailed information. It was truly an honor to be a part of the third edition of Milano Jewelry Week and to contribute as a participant. The event was exceptionally well-organized, and I gained numerous new experiences and insights. Furthermore, receiving the CARLO LUCIDI – Artistar Jewels Network Award was a significant honor for me. The links and resources Prodes Italia Team provided have been incredibly helpful, allowing me easy access to various updates and materials related to the event. I value our relationship with Prodes Italia and hope to maintain this bond in the future.”


“Undoubtedly a very enriching experience, the chance to meet so many talented artists from different parts of the world, all within a framework of the highest professionalism, in an impressive city like Milan and in a dream setting like Palazzo Bovara, but above all highlighting, for me very important, the human quality of the entire team at every moment of the event. I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to be part of this wonderful event.”

Patricia Gariboldi

“I would like to thank Prodes Italia for choosing me to be a part of this wonderful event. It has been an honour and a privilege to be sharing the same exhibition space with most of my favourite artists and to have my work displayed in such a gracious manner. Congratulations on choosing Palazzo Bovara for the exhibition, the venue was absolutely impressive.”

OTOT Jewels

“Milan was for me a great experience to see totally new perspective and to meet very interesting people. The organisation was also good, and I just loved the catalogue – it is so beautiful! I would like to participate next year too.”

From Nature With Love

“It was a special experience, I found a perfect organisation and met so many other incredible artists and women with whom a beautiful friendship was born. For this reason, thanks are multiplied.”


“It was amazing experience for me. I loved to be international and to observe opinions from who’s coming from different cultures. “

Hatiss Jewelry

“It was an amazing experience, meeting nice people and seeing friends from all over the world.”

Diana M. Schuhmacher

“I want to thank Prodes Italia from the bottom of my heart for all the support all this years it has given me over the years and for the great work to organize the amazing exhibitions of Artistar Jewels! I’m glad about our successful and long-lasting collaboration that has already accumulated a consistent number of years, to my joy and appreciation. Congratulations, this edition was extraordinary! It is a great job and everything was wonderful! I want to show the whole team my maximum appreciation, for always being by my side and supporting me, especially when I needed it! “

Gabriela Popescu, Assamblage School

“Thanks Prodes Italia. This first experience at MJW was very interesting. I take with me this beautiful and positive experience, the many great people I met and the great opportunity to make my jewellery known. The confrontation with the wide reality of goldsmith design involved and united together was an opportunity for openness and great growth! I am happy to have been there!”

Francesca Luciani

“It was a perfect organisation, considering the large attendance, most of them foreign artists. Everyone was exceptionally well welcomed and for every need I was supported very quickly, with human involvement as well as unquestionable professionalism! You were able to highlight a particular sector, which concerns artistic jewelry, showing the diversity and multitude of this niche!”


“Participating in The Jewelry Drops was a great experience. The team was very helpful and supportive, and I will consider re-participation if I come up with ideas worth sharing. “

Sohrāb And Gordāfarid

“Congratulations guys, you did a great job organising an event of this magnitude and were always punctual and friendly in your communication with the participants. Impeccable!”

Patrizia Gaio