GALDUS GOLDSMITH SCHOOL | Via Pompeo Leoni 2, Milano
24th – 27th October 2019

Have you always dreamed of being able to make the ring of your dreams? During the Milan Jewelry Week, the Galdus Scademy offers the unique opportunity to participate in workshops by master goldsmiths, which will involve the visitors bringing them closer to the basic techniques of jewelry making. Wax modeling, embedding, engraving, but also plastic disciplines, high jewelry and anticlasticism: a journey that is both virtual and real, which gives us a taste of all the techniques used in this fascinating sector. Speakers of the workshops the professors of the Goldsmith School Galdus Gianmarco Fontana, Dario Mambretti, Luigi Poli, Maddalena Rocco, Bruno Spinazzè and Germano Sigolo.


In synergy with around 2,000 companies, the school is preparing over 1400 young people for a job in 9 professional sectors. From the first year, a significant part of school hours is dedicated technical and laboratory training; from the second year, students carry out full-time internships in companies both in Italy and abroad. The course is completed by a careful cultural preparation, testimonials from entrepreneurs, educational outings, participation in events and competitions.