Via Solferino, 9 Milan
21-22 October 2022 | 03 pm – 06 pm

More than a boutique, Lucia Odescalchi’s new exhibition point is a small treasure chest of wonders, a wunderkammer of proposals. The eyes bounce from unusual minerals such as silicon, carbon, lodolites, to nets made up of hundreds of meters of chains expertly worked with silver tie rods. The Palace collection is the latest proposal and is inspired by the architecture of Italian palaces. Solid jewels composed with aluminum chains and bronze castings to contain marble cabochons and semi-precious stones. All rigorously dreamed, created and made in Italy. Lucia Odescalchi is a designer who carries out her activity in Rome where the show room, the creative studio and the production laboratory are located. Her creations, original and free from the fashion system, are the result of the evolution of the designer’s personal taste and are recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad.


Sophisticated understatement and dramatic contemporaneity for a line of jewels of incomparable and strong impact, with vibrant and subtle emotional reverberations. A set of different and unexpected materials, a subdued presence of minor metals, such as steel and burnished silver, alongside gold; less noisy gems such as rough diamonds, quartz and rough cut crystals, in counterpoint with more showy stones such as diamonds in folders of nuances, amethysts, emeralds.