Via Manzoni, 12 Milan
20 Ottobre 2022 | 03 pm – 06 pm

Competence and passion are part of the tradition of more than a century, born in 1896 and continued uninterruptedly up to the present day, and which distinguishes the Veronesi family in the choice of fine vintage jewelry. Important point of reference in Milan for collectors and enthusiasts, in the shop in via Manzoni 12 you can find rare, precious and signed jewels, from the “Belle Epoque” of the early twentieth century with the typical “garland” style, to enter the Art Nouveau as an exaltation of the naturalistic form, arriving in the extraordinary Deco’ period, rich in geometry and essentiality, until the end of the forties, characterized by jewels with a floral and joyful flavor, and in the fifties and sixties, influenced by the great fashion designers and from the perfection in the cut of the gems. All the unique and representative jewels of unrepeatable cultural and historical periods.


Since 1987, passion and competence has distinguished the owner of the shop in via Manzoni in Milan, Giorgio Guglielmo Veronesi, who, by continuing uninterrupted the activity started in 1896 by the founder Giovanni Veronesi, has specialized in the search for vintage jewelery both from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular regard to the Art nouveau period continuing with the Decò until the fifties.