Via della Spiga, 9 Milan
20-22 October 2022 | 10 am – 07 pm

Sicis Jewels will open its showroom located in the heart of the Quadrilatero, in Via della Spiga, and will show to visitors the creations unique pieces of high artistic value. Visitors will be able to discover the meticulous micromosaic technique and learn about the secrets of the high jewelry masterpieces on display. A unique experience in the prestigious  frame of Sicis Jewels splendid showroom.


Sicis Jewels is a division of SICIS, a historic company known all over the world for the production of furniture and cladding surfaces, in particular in mosaic. The continuous search for new experiences, combined with the passion for mosaic art, has led the brand to study the micromosaic technique and its application in goldsmith art throughout history. Since 2012, the year of the launch of the first collection, he has brought this ancient technique back to a renaissance in the modern era, creating jewels of incomparable beauty, unique and inimitable pieces where creativity blends with technique in a kaleidoscope of tiny fragments of minerals, gold and precious stones. Masterpieces of high jewelery made entirely by hand with infinite patience and painstaking precision in the Ravenna atelier.