Luigi Mario Poli | Viale Toscana, 17 Milan
20 October 2022 | 10:00 – 11:00 | Language: Italian

During the talk Luigi Mario Poli will introduce various notions about valuation & appraisals, learned in many years of experience.

About the Speaker

After his university studies Luigi Mario Poli become an apprentice in a precious stones laboratory and after two years he opened his own laboratory in the center of Milan. He begins to offer customers a complete service of goldsmithing, setting and cleaning also by hiring expert goldsmiths and training new recruits. He devotes himself to the study of Gemology by attending the courses of the Italian Gemological Institute, obtaining the IGI Gemmologist Diploma. He takes the Examination of Appraiser in Precious of the Board of Appraisers, Experts and Consultants and at the Roll of Appraisers and Experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi. Speaker of important reports including that on the Scavia theft (February 2011) with insured values ​​of 15 million euros and that of Melissa Gabardi Foundation (2011-2022). Since 2018 teacher of gemstone setting at Galdus-Formazione. This new opportunity turned out to be a passion, the contact with the young students of the Academy, curious to learn a new technique, the possibility of transmitting them. The knowledge learned in many years of study and experience gratifies him very much. Seeing them improve day by day until they get great results fills him with joy and is the greatest reward.

Luigi Mario Poli |