Arnaldo Pomodoro was born in Montefeltro in 1926. Since 1954 he lives and works in Milan. His works of the Fifties are high-reliefs where a very unusual “writing” emerges in sculpture, which is interpreted variously by the major critics. In the early sixties he tackled three-dimensionality and developed research on solid geometry forms: spheres, disks, pyramids, cones, columns, cubes – in polished bronze – they were torn, corroded, dug into their depths, with the intention of breaking the perfection and discover the mystery that is enclosed there. He has received many awards and important awards: the Sculpture Awards at the Biennials of São Paulo (1963) and Venice (1964); the Imperial Praemium for Sculpture 1990 of the Japan Art Association and the Lifetime Achievement in the Contemporary Sculpture Award of the International Sculpture Center of San Francisco (2008).

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