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Via Palermo, 10 Milano
23 October 2022 | 15:00 – 16:00 | Language: Italian

Impossible to talk about the processing of coral or cameos without talking about Torre del Greco. There is an inseparable link between these things. It is an activity with centuries of history and tradition behind it: as early as the 1600s, in fact, Torre del Greco was the primary place for the collection of raw coral, thanks to the skill of the Torresi fishermen. Subsequently, from the early 1800s, processing was introduced that soon elevated Torre del Greco to the world capital for artistic coral processing, and later also for the cameo. The association represents a real world reference point, which in 2022, after 3 years of work, presented the collective brand “Made in Torre del Greco”. Made in Torre del Greco is not a simple hallmark, but a complex system created with the aim of creating a unique worldwide guarantee certificate, a standard for every jewel and / or semi-finished coral or cameo product produced in Torre del Greco. A choral work of years, done with love and professionalism, using highly technological structures such as the blockchain, which guarantee the integrity and persistence of the data entered within the system. Around the collective Made in Torre del Greco brand, the entire production chain of Torre del Greco is tightened, a common desire to emerge under a single graphic element and with common objectives, sanctioned by a very rigid trademark use specification that guarantees its seriousness.

About the Speaker

Vincenzo Aucella, Assocoral President & Aucella srl CEO

Vincenzo Aucella, graduated in computer science at the University of Salerno, for 4 years President of Assocoral – association of producers and traders of corals and cameos of Torre del Greco – and for 16 years at the head of the family company Aucella srl, who together with his brother Manuel , represent the 4th generation. Both in the management of the Assocoral and in that of the Aucella, he managed to change gear thanks to his studies.

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