Unusual and design ornaments, Stella G jewels are designed to be worn in everyday life, in many different ways and are made with precious and non-precious materials, from brass to gold, from resins to stones. The jewels of the collection “Trivio – contemporary arts and crafts jewels” are the result of a research in the field of arts and techniques both ancient and avant-garde, which together can give life to contemporary jewelry. In the Trivio jewels the very rare guilloché engraving on metal – favourite technique of the Russian Tsars and made by hand today as then by maestro Renzetti – it is combined with elements that from a 3D design are sintered in translucent acrylic. Geometry, symmetry and balance are for Stella G instruments to investigate harmonies and contrasts between forms and materials, to create jewels that generate interest, beauty and encounter between people.

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