GALLERIA ROSSINI | Viale Monte Nero 58, Milano
24th – 27th October 2019 | 10 am – 7 pm

The Rossini Gallery organizes an exhibition exclusively for the Milano Jewelry Week that aims to enhance the Made in Italy jewelry. The Italian goldsmith art is a recognized and established throughout the world. The continuous comparison between technique, culture, innovation and research, brings the Italian contemporary jewelry to the role of real artistic movement, elevating the creations presented to real wearable artworks. Galleria Rossini presents a selection of artists working in Italy to highlight the care, sophistication and experimentation of a school that has no equal in the world. In exhibition Antonio Giuliani, AZ Contemporary Jewels, Clizia Ornato, Ellence, Emmeperemme, Francesco Ridolfi, Glowing, Icudal, Lalice Arte Orafa, Larissa Rovati, Lunante, Maragisca, Opium Imaginarium, PaSCa Design, Teresa Rosalini, Vanesi, Werner Altingher.


Galleria Rossini – Jewellery Art Gallery, is the gallery founded in 2012 by Marco Rossini, to offer the public a space specializing in designer jewellery. The gallery has collected the works of over 300 authors including goldsmiths, sculptors and designers selected for quality, expressiveness, innovation and experimentation. The gallery aims to grow the culture of handmade jewelry through the display of works of established and emerging artists through collective and personal exhibitions.