Exhibition, Live Performance

24th – 26th October 2019 | 11 am – 6.30 pm

Contest Theme

vice – Bad habit, imperfection, tendency towards evil. The word derives from the Latin vitium, physical defect, but is today used to indicate a much more complex, nebulous and elusive meaning. The change from the physical to the abstract fault, which comes from the etymology of the word, indicates a vice that does not relate from the model of perfection: it is abstract and impalpable. The vice might be a viscous mistake of choice. It can be smoking and alcoholism, emotional dependency, or 21st century vices such as Internet addiction and gaming disorder, as well as any habit that creates dependency on our soul, but that keeps us alive. And why not, what for us seems ordinary, for the other represents perdition.

The Happening invites each of us to get involved, exposing the vice that oppresses us by creating a unique work, exposing our sinful and mortal soul to everybody’s mercy. The white canvas strikes the respectability that pervades society, reminding us that nobody is innocent.

Requirements for admission

The competition is open to any jewelry artist or designer, with no restrictions on age, sex, ethnicity or nationality. The artist or designer can be both a student and an established brand in the world of jewelry.

Application for admission to the competition – Terms – Mode

Deadline for applications: 10.10.2019

To apply you need to send an email to info@milanojewelryweek.com with the image of the jewel that represents your vice. Participation is totally free. 40 artists will be selected among the applications received.

Forty selected artists therefore have the unrepeatable opportunity to be protagonists of Milano Jewelry Week, in a unique and revolutionary happening, in which they will be invited to bring their jewel with them, placing it on an exhibition WALL in a location in the heart of Brera . The artist is therefore invited to exhibit his own creation, which represents in a subjective and personal way the vices that pervade it. The happening will take place from 24 to 26 October 2019 from 11:00 to 18:30. The location will be unveiled on the 15.10.2019 to all those who sent the application.

For info: info@milanojewelryweek.com