The Talent Show is the event dedicated to all international jewelry schools and academies, both public and private.

Each academy participates in the exhibition by presenting the creations of its students. The theme of this edition is “Undress your fears”.

Each participant will have a 150 x 80 cm SHOWCASE inside which he / she can position the students’ jewels.
All participants are directly candidates for theTALENT SHOW CONTEST, through which the winners will receive IMPORTANT AWARDS.
It is an excellent chance to discuss with students from different countries of the world.
Each school must be independent in setting up its own area within which it can insert communication materials such as: brochures, totems, flyers, etc.

In addition to the display window, it is guaranteed the communication package | MJW 1 |.

Each academy, based on its needs, may decide to participate with more than one showcase.

1 SHOWCASE 150 x 80 cm + | MJW 1 |
2 SHOWCASES 150 x 80 cm + | MJW 1 |
3 SHOWCASES 150 x 80 cm + | MJW 1 |

For details on the communication package CLICK HERE