The FaB by Artistar Jewels is the new contest aimed at brands and independent designers who want to participate in the Milano Jewelry Week within an unprecedented and exclusive context where the jewel is interpreted and becomes a part of a work with great artistic value.

From 20 to 23 2022, as part of the Milano Jewelry Week, the selected creations are exhibited in a show divided into 4 scenarios linked by a fil rouge inside an iconic historic building in Milan.

The annual collector’s catalogue, divided into 4 scenarios, is presented during an invitation-only evening and collects the shooting, the illustrations, the artworks and textual stories of the most renowned names that enhance the chosen jewels.

The two pieces, selected by a jury made of experts and creatives, that will have better interpreted their theme will get awarded during a public evening: the two award-winning brands/designers are guaranteed free participation in the next edition of the FaB.

The exhibition is held from 20 to 23 October 2022 in a prestigious historic building in Milan city centre. It takes place during the Milano Jewelry Week and is part of the thematic paths of the event.

The selected creations become protagonists of an exhibition that recreates a different setting for each scenario and that recalls the philosophy that the creative team realizes in the images published in the catalogue.

The jewel also becomes an artwork itself: each creation interprets a vision of the scenario in which it is inserted.

Through an exhibition designed to enhance every single jewel, the visitors are surrounded by a unique exhibition that combines art, light and beauty.


The creative team will choose for each selected jewel a scenario among the four described below for the creation of the images that will be published in the Collector’s Catalogue:


Heraclitus taught that everything is in movement and that it is impossible to get wet twice in the same river: the water flows in the same way TIME flows, changing the course of things and transforming every situation, people and their mood, even the future perspectives.


The Earth has always been associated with the primordial element, to life, to fertility, to motherhood: they are countless, the SYMBOLS and geometries that represent it in all its shapes, from the seasons to the cardinal points, from its depths to the most diverse forms of life, to Nature in all its forms.


An element of gathering between heaven and earth, the air inspires lightness, abandonment and TRAVEL, which in turn lends itself to a thousand interpretations: you can visit concrete places or, on the contrary, you can travel in imagined spaces and times, through immaterial places reigned by the dream and the fantasy.


Energy, passion, a burning impulse that gets consumed in a short moment .. The tongues of fire, with their bright colours and the heat that we immediately associate with Hell, refer to a physicality without restraints and rules, to the flashes of pleasure without inhibitions and to the most overwhelming LUST.


– Sending the application through the following link: APPLICATION. Prodes Italia’s team contacts the candidates communicating the outcome of the selection
– The brand and / or independent designer that overcome the selection can decide with how many jewels to join the project (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 …) and fill in the membership contract
– The Press Office contacts the brand and / or designer to request textual and photographic material useful for web and social promotion
– All selected creations must be sent to the headquarters of Prodes Italia Srl / Via Sansovino, 6/20133, Milan / Italy
– The creative team analyzes the jewels and incorporates them within the right scenarios by creating professional shooting and illustrations for the catalogue
– Prodes Italia’s team takes care of setting up the show