Cocktail Party

PASTICCERIA ANGELA | Via Ravizza 6, Milano
25th October 2019 | 6 pm

Angelina is a small jewelry collection inspired by the pastry world. A jewel that wins you over like a sweet and is worn to feel a bit special. Made in Milan because it is a product entirely made in Italy, but with a completely Milanese taste. “I have always loved to buy necklaces and small jewels around the world, to wear every day and so I thought of creating a line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in silver and semi-precious stones, personally taking care of the packaging and the choice of colors. Why Angelina? For three reasons: for the beauty of Angelina Jolie, for the guardian angel that I am sure everyone has at her side and because the inspiration came to me by eating the delicious desserts of the Pasticceria Angela!” says Cristiana Schieppati, the creator of this project. On October 25th it will be possible to toast for the inauguration of this new brand, in a world made of sugar.


The second selling point of the pastry shop Angela, Milan Customized by Angelina was born from the idea of expanding its clientele and thus exploiting a new commercial area. The goal is to make an alternative sales point, with traditional desserts but also with some new features designed for a similar but more demanding clientele. The strength of the product and of the service guaranteed by 40 years of work in the world of artisan pastry will be fundamental.