RAL ARTS&CRAFTS | Via Corsico 3, Milano
26th October 2019 | 5 pm – 10 pm

“TALISMANO – modern ritual of ornament”, the collection that will be presented at the Milano Jewelry Week by Anna Maria Cardillo consists of creations characterized by collars and bracelets with a strong sculptural connotation. They are inspired by the ancient Amulets, understood as the first ornaments of man, worn not for vanity, but to enjoy the signs of the divine benevolence of which they were carriers, with a magical and beneficial powe, and as such they are preserved and are always worn with them. An “wearable object” with a clear decorative and symbolic connotation. All the pieces in the collection are handmade in leather with the insertion of elements in different materials such as porcelain, carbonized wood, oxidized metal. A preview of the “JUNGLE” capsule collection will also be presented, inspired by the rich and magical world of nature; the first “unisex” collection of the brand.


RAL Arts & Crafts is a concept store that selects, proposes and tells the research handicraft. The store is placed on the Naviglio Grande in Milan and hosts artisans, artists and designers in a series of eclectic and authentic proposals. Real stories, to rediscover the creativity and variety of Italian artisans: furniture and furnishing accessories, works of art and design objects, bijoux. RAL Arts & Crafts is a shop where you can find unique pieces that transfer emotions.