RUBINIA GIOIELLI | Via Vincenzo Monti, 26 @Brian & Barry Building, Milano
24th – 25th October 2019 | 10 am – 7 pm

On Appointment – – +39 342 7335007

At the Rubinia Gioielli corner in the fabulous Brian & Barry Building in Piazza San Babila, visitors will be able to discover the ancient goldsmithing art of punching and will be able to learn the ancient art of punching with the help of the Stefania boutique goldsmith. . After an initial path of punching on brass seals, the visitor will dedicate himself to making his own jewel. Among the choice of customizable jewels there are bracelets, seals and rings in silver and rose gold, available in various sizes. Tenacious as the Robinia, strong plant with sweet and fragrant flowers, precious and charismatic as the Ruby, prince of the stones, this is Rubinia, the synthesis of the six senses that through natural and precious materials gives life to unique and unrepeatable creations.


Rubinia was born in Portofino in 1985 from an idea by Ilario Plazzi, a man who accidentally stumbles into the world of jewelry after gaining significant experience in the cosmetics and clothing sector. His creative soul allows him to imagine and interpret the jewelry as a fashion accessory, dedicated to women who live and wear their jewels every day, combining them with the clothes they wear.