Cocktail Party

OPELLA | Via Guerzoni 39, Milano
26th October 2019 | 5 pm – 8 pm

On the occasion of the Milano Jewelry Week, Opella presents its new collection AI 2019.20 in a new and tasty way. The food stylist Roberta Deiana will make some of the most significant pieces of the new edible lines, made with chocolate, sugar, dyes and exclusively food raw materials. These sweet fakes will be displayed together with the originals during the event, to enjoy the beauty that you eat – and not just with your eyes. “Our challenge consists in wanting to create jewels that are deliberately far from the classical conception of the precious, while not losing the character of elegance and originality that every woman seeks”. Opella’s jewels are made with pure cotton paper and paper, aluminum and Murano glass. A collection of accessories with a contemporary design, light and refined, the result of research and experimentation with new materials.


Opella was born in 2010 from the meeting of two creative artists, Liliana Broussard and Cristina Barcellari: one expert in paper processing, the other in the creation of fashion accessories. Joining in a common project, they give life to an exciting journey: from the development of the idea to the experimental research of the material, from the exploration of the technical potential of the paper to the self-production of jewelry, handmade and of high artistic craftsmanship.