CRESPI | Via Brera 28/A, Milano
24th – 26th October 2019 | 9 am – 7:30 pm

Mena Stelitano, a goldsmith artist since 1980, will show at the historic Crespi store, in the heart of the city, her works signed by the brand STELITANO from the collection entitled Gioie di natura – La natura ispira le morfologie. Nature has always inspired the morphologies, the proliferations and the developments of the artist’s design, who privileges the uniqueness of the handmade and the unrepeatability of the unique piece. The jewels not only recall the unique and delicate forms of the nature that surrounds us, but also use materials such as silver and bronze, often recycled, stones and woods. On the occasion of the Milano Jewelry Week, at the artist’s studio, it will also be possible to visit the VERDE SOSTENIBILE collection, in line with the green theme of Filomena Stelitano.


The Ditta Cesare Crespi was founded in 1880. For four generations the Crespi family has been operating in the well-known Milanese artists’ district, Brera, offering products for Belle Arti of quality and constantly updated, thanks also to the continuous visit of national and international trade fairs of the sector.