SATELLITE MILANO | Via Manzoni 16, Milano
24th – 26th October 2019 | 10 am – 8 pm
27th October 2019 | 1 pm – 7 pm

IANCURA in Sicilian dialect means whiteness and indicates a particular conjuncture, typical only of the Aeolian Islands and of the whole Tyrrhenian coast, which represents the calm sea that blends with the white-blue sky. From that magic, from that mood of absolute peace, comes the iconic collection of the brand, made of multicolour circles, with matching bracelets and rings. The collection was born following the travels made by the two founders, and from their discovery of beautiful stones and materials, which best express Satellite’s know-how and the uniqueness of handmade.


Satellite is born from the passion of a photographer and an ethnologist, who have rediscovered the world together, collecting antique jewelry and unique materials. The brand stands out for its universe of travel, primitive arts and couture. Timeless, the creations are free from the dictates of fashion. SATELLITE speaks to women and, 25 years after itsfoundation, its creations are sold in France and in the world.