GALLERIA ROSSINI | Viale Monte Nero 58 Milano
25th October 2019 | 6 pm – 9 pm

On the occasion of the Milano Jewelry Week, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Rossini Gallery presents the Da Vinci Cut: the Divine proportion through the Golden section for an excellent cut on the diamonds: “A unique and perfect cut able to emphasize to the maximum the characteristics of the stone, which in this way has 57 facets. The Da Vinci Cut originates a pentagonal table that overhangs with a kaleidoscopic effect three stars clearly visible” explains Maurizio Spoldi, sole director of DSC – Diamond Service Company. During the event it will be possible to see some splendid specimens.


Galleria Rossini – Jewellery Art Gallery, is the gallery founded in 2012 by Marco Rossini, to offer the public a space specializing in designer jewellery. The gallery has collected the works of over 300 authors including goldsmiths, sculptors and designers selected for quality, expressiveness, innovation and experimentation. The gallery aims to grow the culture of handmade jewelry through the display of works of established and emerging artists through collective and personal exhibitions.