Live Performance, Cocktail Party

YURIKO GIOIELLI | Via della Moscova 27, Milano
24th Octboer 2019 | 6 pm – 9 pm

How to wear the sculpture? How to miniaturize the plastic object? The work of the designer Laura Volpi is a synthesis of energy, research and matter that takes shape through the elaboration of visual stimuli of our contemporaneity to create jewels that are single fragments of my creative narrative. Laura will present her traveling laboratory, created to get in touch and listen to those who wear the jewels, to collect ideas and reflections directly from the gallery visitors. Every artist needs to question himself, ask questions and listen to different points of view. What value does the jewel have for you? How do you associate stones with emotions, interpret shapes and colors? A moment of exchange and of talk about the creative process: a moment of shared creation. People are directly involved with their ideas and intuitions to talk with the designer, to look for solutions, imagining forms, materials and finishes.


Contemporary forms, experiments, emotions: keywords of the new borders of jewelry. The Yuriko Gioielli gallery was founded in 2011 in the Brera district, by Alessandro Fornasiero and Madoka Ishihara. Yuriko offers creations that express uniqueness and craftsmanship: classicism and innovation come together adapting high-tech to the beauty of natural gems. It is an innovative reality, a destination for those seeking experimentation enclosed in unique contemporary forms.