LES NÉRÉIDES | Via Dell’Orso 18, Milano
24th – 27th October 2019 | 10:30 am – 7 pm

Through its collections, La Maison Les Néréides involves visitors with its modern creations but with typical features from fine jewelry. Each jewel is designed and delicately hand painted, every floral or animal detail is finely coloured with enamels in carefully selected colours by skilled goldsmiths. Even the stones are faceted by hand, so as to make each piece unique and exclusive. The jewels signed Les Néréides are wrapped in a romantic and bohemian flavour, reflecting the delicate and harmonious lines of nature on the face of the wearer. The bijoux are imaginative and avant-garde and well represent the unique know-how and the renowned international reputation of the brand.


Les Néréides-Paris is a brand aimed at taking care of female emotions. Its foundation dates back to 1980, with a beautiful retail store in the city of Nice, where the founders Amaddeo have continually refined their inspiration. Their skill in observing and perceiving seasonal changes in nature is sophisticated, keeping them alive with highly figurative jewels.