Exhibition, Live Performance

MADDALENA ROCCO ATELIER | Via San Antonio 14 Milano
25th – 26th October 2019 | 5 pm

In the atelier of the artist Maddalena Rocco the film “visionary ornament” will be screened, accompanied by a live demonstration of the typical burin engraving of Maddalena’s creations. During the Milano Jewelry Week, visitors will meet the designer and see a fundamental part of the making of her creations, that of engraving. Maddalena will show how her drawings are transposed onto mirrored surfaces, through the tracing, analyzing all the steps of her work, from tracing to burin engraving. The projects and some objects from the Hypnos and Helios collections, emblematic of the artist’s career, will also be on display. Her work is characterized by research, and the starting point is often a narrative drawing, where the divinity is represented in foreshortened visions, caught by surprise, as if from a snapshot that seals its naturalness. The works of Maddalena Rocco are born from a precise expressive will, a pretext to communicate from the depths.


After completing her painting studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Maddalena Rocco entered the world of jewelry. Over the years she refines the burin engraving technique and collaborates with the most important jewelry brands. The artist puts the language of jewelry back into play, and an ancient technique such as the burin takes on a new formal connotation through the fragmentation of the image.