TORNO SUBITO | Piazza XXV Aprile N. 7, Milano
24th – 26th October 2019 | 11 am – 7 pm

In these years of artistic and creative investigation, the artist Lorenzo Pepe is looking for something “sacred”. He looks for it in the forms of living beings, in the beauty of what is natural and spontaneous. Living in the magical island of Formentera, among animals and marine organisms, he pursues a vision that refers to the contemplation of the world, in its dynamic and constantly changing balance. Life is the sacred, the divine. In the contemplation and celebration of its variety and complexity lies the religiosity of the artist. In these forms Lorenzo tries to show some intuitions that refer to the goddess Aphrodite, just as the poet Lucrezio celebrates it in De rerum Naturae. During the three days of the exhibition the artist will be present to respond to any curiosity, giving shape to new objects, new creatures, modeling in the polyurethane the intuitions suggested by this new experience.


TORNOSUBITO by Cinzia Agiman is a Fashion Space in the Spazio Kriptonite, a furnishing showroom. She designs, produces and sells cialtronchic clothes, for all women of all sizes for all ages with an eye that is particularly careful to satisfy the need to be more than to appear. The space often includes artists, craftsmen, beginners, extravagant and original.