Cocktail Party

GALA ROTELLI ATELIER | Via Saffi 25, Milano
26th October 2019 | 6:00 pm

Cocktail Party in the spirit of creativity and design, organized in the Gala Rotelli Atelier, on the occasion of the One Thing Leads to Another event. The four artists Gala Rotelli, Francesca Roasenda, Rosa Castelbarco and Federica Fabiano will toast with VALDO’s bubbles to share with the public of experts and enthusiasts the love for the Italian artisan tradition and the attention to detail that unites them, through a journey punctuated by the words of Bruno Munari, from which the name of the Milano Jewelry Week event takes its inspiration.


Gala Rotelli Atelier is the studio of the artist, who works with silver and bronze and prefers the details of ordinary life that she loves to transform into extraordinary objects. It is inspired by famous works of classic and modern art, studying mostly natural elements that, through the use of 3D modeling and numerous manual steps, are geometrized. Her work, poetic design, wants to transform fragility into beauty.