LA HORMIGA | Via Mercato 8, Milano
26th – 27th October 2019 | 10 am – 19:30 pm

Orchidee Bianche, the new collection by La Hormiga, is presented for the first time at the Milano Jewelry Week. The brand proposes creative bijoux and comes from the pencil of the self-taught designer Laura Kretschel, born in Argentina in 1970 into an Italian German family, that works alongside her inseparable sister Silvia Kretschel. Working actively to offer unique pieces and ever-changing collections, La Hormiga has for many years combined its precious creative flair with a unique care and continuous research of the particular. Combining unusual materials and colors, the creations succeed, with harmony and taste, to merge different styles in a winning way, offering collections that follow the course of the seasons, renewing and improving each time. Over the years, the brand has acquired its own well-defined identity without ever running the risk of repeating itself, remaining faithful to its original and refined style.


The Milanese store, followed by Ignacio del Vecchio and located in the heart of the old Brera in via mercato 8, looks like a small living room ready to welcome and amaze those who decide to give or treat themselves to something special. Those who choose La Hormiga are aware of the fact that an accessory becomes precious also and above all if it succeeds in giving its wearer a unique and unrepeatable identity.