Cocktail Party

RAW MILANO | Via Palermo 1, Milano
25th October 2019 | 6 pm

Cocktail Party to celebrate the jewelry, the one organized by Raw Milan on October 25th, in the setting of Milano Jewelry Week. Raw as raw, pure, embryonic. Raw as the SugarOFF collection by the Romanian artist Andreia Gabriela Popescu, raw because made with sugar, and raw for the strong themes it faces. Through the SugarOFF collection the artist wants to trigger a warning signal about excessive sugar consumption and the devastating effects of the sugar industry on the environment. The glasses will rise in the name of art with the precious contribution of VALDO, Wine Sponsor of the event.


Raw & Co is a “cabinet de curiosités”, a place where different objects – by age and origin – are found in a common harmonious environment. In the atmospheres with a strong decorative charm, the cultural and stylistic imagery of the founders, Paolo Badesco and Costantino Affuso, respectively interior designer and architect, are revealed. A wide selection of vintage objects and furnishings are proposed and mixed with the assortment of brands hosted in the Corso Magenta 10 and Via Palermo 1 boutiques.