VINCENT VINTAGE BIJOUX | Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 11, Milano
24th – 27th October 2019 | 10 am – 13 pm | 3 pm – 7:30 pm

During the Milano Jewelry Week 2019, Vincent Vintage Bijoux opens the doors of its boutique in the heart of Porta Venezia, setting up an exhibition with an intriguing and mysterious character. A journey inside the hidden secrets of jewels, discovering and analyzing the hidden messages enclosed in creations of various ages and origins. Magic, intrigue, and mystery will surround the atelier, allowing the visitors to discover a new and fascinating world. It will be possible to admire various examples of sentimental jewels that in every detail, for example the colour of the gem and the decoration of the enamels, conceal an intrinsic meaning to be discovered.


Vincent is a vintage bijoux shop and, at the same time, a studio facing the contemporary with an eye always on the future. Research and detail are his key words: what the boutique offers is a collection composed of many different materials and different aesthetic currents, objects that tell stories and objects ready to have them told.