GIOIELLERIA MERZAGHI | Via dei Piatti, 11 Milano
24th – 26th October 2019 | 11 am – 7 pm
27th October 2019 | 11 am – 5 pm

Thanks to a wonderful archive of drawings dating back to 1870, the year jewelry was founded in Milan, it is possible to trace the entire history of Italian jewelry from the end of the 19th century to the present. In the boutique’s workshop visitors will be able to capture the atmosphere of hand-made and made-to-measure. Now in its fifth generation, the Merzaghi family is distinguished by the choice of creating each jewel entirely by hand, starting from the original idea, from the design to the finished product. Among their most famous works, the realization of the tiara of Pope Pius XI, offered by the Milanese people for its coronation, as well as the restoration of an extraordinary collection of Savoia jewels.


The jewelry store was born in 1870 in a small workshop in the centre of Milan. Rino Merzaghi, founder along with Alfredo Ravasco of the boutique, participated in the Paris Exhibition in 1925 and became famous thanks to his mastery in the production and restoration of precious objects. Each phase takes place in the laboratory where customers can follow some of the steps and express their wishes to personalize the jewels.